HD-688 Auto-Tracking Aligner

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HD-688 Auto-Tracking Aligner

ADD TIME:2019-03-11

HD 688 3D Wheel Alignment  with HD Camera

Unit complete with cabinet, computer control system, targets, target auto-tracking system and all accessories r

equired for alignment operations.

3D technology to detect all alignment parameters, wheel diameters, track, wheelbase and diagonals.

It is not more than two minute to get the test results on a wide variety of vehicles and wheel sizes.

Comprehensive vehicle specification database with frequent updates ensures you always have the information to do the job right



  • CE certification, Patents, Intellectual Property Rights of software, HD Camera, Shield Small Target, USB Interface, FPGA Technology, Temperature Compensation, Intuitive , 3D dynamic simulation, Real-time Measuring, high precision and quality, Need not Wheel Compensation.
  • Combined with 4 small target and 2 HD cameras, the aligner provides the most economic and accurate four-wheel alignment.
  • Camera calibration has been done in the factory.
  • The camera is fixed on the beam and no need to adjust.
  • The target does not have electronic devices, wire and battery, no need to calibrate

Technical Data

  • Power supply,110V~220V, 50/60Hz, 800 W;
  • Camber,+10°~-10° (±2'). Caster,+20°~-20° (±3'). Toe,+20°~-20° (±1&39). KPI, +20°~-20° (±3&39). Set back,+5°~-5° . MAX Steering angle,+60°~-60° (±0.1°). Thrust angle,+5°~-5° (±2&39) ;
  • Beam with 2 HD Camera;
  • Software requirement: 32-bit Windows 7 operating system, 1G internal memory,64G hard disk and 2.0G CPU;
  • Brand PC, 21.5" monitor, A4 Printer;
  • Clamp,12"-22"(24" option) and 4 small target,
  • Moveable cabinet, 2 PCS turntables, 2PCS Wedge Blocker, Brake Fixer, Lock for Steering wheel ;
  • Warranty: one year.
  •  OEM services provided.
  • Online Service.